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New Normal (my second lockdown release!)

Here it is !!! My second (and hopefully last) lockdown project – a new single and music video !! Read below for more info on the process & meaning behind the song/video – or just crack on and watch 🥰 ‘New Normal’ will be available to buy/stream on all major platforms in a couple of weeks but I wanted to share with you the video first 🙂 This song is about the affect COVID-19 has had, and still is having on the Arts Industry. It is written in support, longing and love for venues, pubs, theatres, festivals, event organisers, musicians, performers and for those who just love and miss going live events. What a special part of our lives the industry is. I wrote the song last November just before lockdown 2 and just after the Government released their ‘Retrain Campaign’. (I mean, what was that about!?!) At the time of writing this song I was back to face to face teaching but with restrictions, we were able to be inside at pubs but gigs and events were still being cancelled, postponed and put online etc… 7 months later and things are starting back up but still uncertain and within the ‘New Normal’. All I know is that events are so important to us all – and the show must and WILL go on !!! I have edited the video myself, which has been a big project to take on. I’d like to thank my friends & family for their support and feedback ! It has been a slow project, recording virtually once again and during Lockdown 3 and then trying to keep productive through the lifting of restrictions where work, life and my head has all got busier again (!) BUT FINALLY IT IS DONE !!!! Massive thanks to all involved including Paul Lennox (my amazing producer) Pete MacCourt for his support and the amazing bass lines, George Cook for once again laying down the drums, Liza Williams for filming such great footage for me to play with and of course – The Green Door Store , Brighton for letting us shoot in their venue. It was all sort of emotional being there, so lush to be back on stage – but very odd seeing the venue empty. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy. Please like, love and share x x x


Day By Day (my lockdown song!)

Here it is – my lockdown project (click HD!!) !!!! I hope you enjoy the video x

I am releasing this before the song is available on iTunes/spotify etc. (28th August) because I want the video to be an opportunity to raise awareness and support for the long term mental health effects of COVID19. If you watch, please donate to

Mind if you can via my justgiving link below, we are all in this together. ❤
Recorded at home with my legend of a producer, Paul ‘Sanchez’ Lennox mixing and mastering !! It has been so much fun (and hard work!) – but so excited to share this with you. Written in May 2020, I wanted to express hope, love and togetherness whilst still capturing what we were (and are) all going through with this pandemic. The video is made up of clips from my lockdown experience in my home and on my ‘essential walks’, I hope you can relate to it in someway.
A huge thank to my talented friends for bringing the track to life. Pete MacCourt (bass), George Cook (drums), Ricky Gallimore, Lisa Heather Wadham, Nathalie Gunnarsson,
Kelly Barnes, Ben Eakins and Simon William (gang vocals) and my darling students for featuring with vocals and in the video: Chiara, Natahlia, Ada, Gracie and Mollie (and Jimi for your lovely voice) !! ❤ ❤ I would like to also thank Liza-Marie Williams for helping me with the artwork, to Liza and Rosie Hadridge-Powell for your experienced feedback on the video, to my students for sticking with me during lockdown and to my boyfriend, family and friends for their guidance, encouragement and help with this single release… and for supporting me with my ups and downs during these bizarre days.
I hope you enjoy xxx

City By The Sea

City By The Sea is my new single released on the 16th August 2017. Available to buy on iTunes and other online platforms. This video was filmed by Rosie Powell who did an incredible job capturing the energy and creativity that this City brings. Enjoy xx

Overthinker (live @ The Bedford)

Here is a live performance of my track ‘Overthinker’. I wrote this song about my anxiety, which at times can really effect by day-to-day life and stress levels. I tried to keep a little light hearted with this song, as i get older I realise that my anxiety make me who I am, and it enables me to write and express myself – so I am learning to accept it and not be too hard on myself. Hope you enjoy xx

Everything I Wanted (Jenna Bennett & Friends) – Billie Eilish Cover

Last week I had my gorgeous, talented and funny friend Miss Kelly Barnes come to stay. Kelly is a fellow Cornish Maid, we met studying music at college and have had many musical adventures together over the years. We decided to have a sing of Billie Eilish, this took about 100 takes as we cannot ever seem to be serious with eachother – but here we go !! x x x

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Jenna Bennett & Friends) – Cover

I am joined here by my good friend Si Gray on a sunny day in Hove. Rock’N’Roll has always been a big part of my life, I adore singing it – Si is also a big fan, and surely… everyone loves Queen right ? xx

One More

‘One More’ is about being in a place where you need to make changes. When I wrote this, I was exhausted working as a full-time teacher in a college, seeing a guy that I didn’t feel was right for me and having very little time to be creative and enjoy my friends and family. A few months later, I left my job and became self-employed in the music industry, I fell in love with my life, was able to have time, energy and inspiration to release City By The Sea and spend lots of times with those I adore … the times where we are lost are important to find our way – always listen to yourself and take risks!!

Maybe This Time (Jenna Bennett & Friends)

Filmed Oct 2018. This track is a cheeky little love song. It is about the night I bumped into an old friend at a bar. This guy was someone who asked me out years ago, but at the time I said no. After years of dating other people, heartbreak and growing my independence, something was different when I saw him this night and I just knew it was time to give it a go. So I did. Maybe This Time tells the story of that night, the lush feeling of wanting someone and the thought of letting go…  ‘Maybe this one will be the one’…..

Nothing I Want More (Jenna Bennett & Friends)

A little love song of mine, performed with my dear friend Lisa Wadham – recorded after a chocolate cake breakfast ! Lisa was one of the first musical friends I worked with up here about 7 years ago. We’ve written, arranged, performed and recorded together on various different projects !!  This is an original of mine that we used to sing together. I hope you enjoy x x x

Radioactive (Jenna Bennett & Friends) – Cover

Meet one of my dearest friends Ricky Gallimore. Ricky and I met when I moved to Brighton eight years ago, we have stayed best buds ever since. We regularly jam, write and gig together so we thought it was about time we shared one of our tracks we adore singing. Check out Ricky’s band GALLIMORE !!!!

Flame (Jenna Bennett & Friends)

Meet my talented best bud and Brother-in-law Trev. Trev and I used to be in a band together called Es Vedra many years ago and this was one my songs that we used to gig. Here we are at my parents in Looe, Cornwall having a reminisce. The days in Es Vedra were so much fun, we had a crazy time gigging in fields, driving around Cornwall in our van and writing constantly. Special days. You can check out Es Vedra here or check our Trev’s Soundcloud !!

Golden Butterfly

Another original track. Golden Butterfly is about finding your self-worth after heartbreak. It’s ten years old, another track I used to record in my old band Es Vedra. This video is recorded whilst having a jam at my friends house in Cambridge… performed after a few glasses of bubbly. Enjoy xx

Sleeping Beauty (Jenna Bennett and Friends – LIVE!)

A live performance at Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton. The gig was at the 2017 Fringe Festival and I’m joined here by Sam Black and Lisa Wadham. The three of us used to gig a lot together and it is always a pleasure to share the stage with both of them. Lisa sang harmonies on by Behind My Eyelids EP  back in 2012, have a listen here !! You will still see Sam gig with me a lot these days and she is the lead backing singer on my single ‘City By The Sea’.

Ever-After (Jenna Bennett & Friends)

‘Ever-after’ is about the ups and downs of dating. It’s a nice angsty one (!) that expresses the joys, experiences, frustrations and hopes of falling in love through the (perhaps somewhat forced) use of dating aps. Ultimately the song hints towards ignoring those niggling feelings of being single and to focus on embracing your life, rather than searching for more – cause you may not actually be lost ! 🙂

Pollyanna by Nathalie Gunnarsson (Jenna Bennett & Friends)

What a gorgeous, sunny weekend it was in Brighton !! I spent my Saturday morning with this darling girl. Nathalie is an incredible singer/songwriter and one of the most inspiring musicians I know. She had me over at 9am for pancakes, chocolate coffee and musical adventures. After lots of giggling and outtakes we managed to get a video of us singing one of her tracks, thanks for having me Nathalie x x

– you must check her out –