BA(hons) BENNETT !!

This weekend I graduated from Brighton’s Institute of Modern Music !!! It’s been an incredible three years, shared with wonderful and talented people who I have met, worked with and witnessed their music develop.

When I started BIMM I was new to being a solo artist but the community that I became a part of fed me inspiration, support, confidence and a whole lot of fun (and alcohol!!)  I cannot thank everyone enough for the difference that they have each made to me, as a musician and a person.

It really has been an amazing three years full of writing, singing, giggles, recording, performing, jamming, drinking, laughter, and great friendships….

Apologies for the soppiness of this blog, but had to be done – end of an era !
Big love to my fellow Bimm graduates and everyone who I have met during my studies, especially the band. Ahhhhhhhhhh…….. xxx

(ps. I am totally staying in the lushous City of Brighton despite having graduated – CAN’T GET RID OF ME NOW ! )