EP and website LAUNCHED !!


I am so excited to be finally sharing ‘Behind My Eyelids EP’ with you. The band and I were in the studio in April of this year and worked really hard at making this EP the best it could be. I am really proud of it and grateful to everyone who has been a part of the journey. Not only have I got my first EP now available to purchase online, but I have spent months developing myself as an artist ready for this gorgeous website. Please explore the site and see what I have, and continue to get up to in this lovely musical bubble that I live in. I will be updating it all regularly so do check back or keep in touch via my social networking sites.

My mailing list is up and running with newsletters which will be once ever 4-8 weeks. If you join you will get up to date information and exclusive content!

Massive Thanks To My Gorgeous Band. Meet them on my ‘&Friends page xxxxxx


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